11 Apple Features That Just Make Sense for Families

11 Apple Features That Just Make Sense for Families

1st Mar 2021

11 Apple Features That Just Make Sense for Families

Through the years, Apple has asserted itself as a leading force in the tech market. By placing the user experience at the core of their operations, the company created several products that changed the way people approach creativity and productivity.

Thanks to the convenience and ease of use that they provide, it's no surprise that MacBooks and all the other gadgets in their ecosystem are highly-sought-after by professionals.

Apart from being the preferred brand of businesses, Apple is also the premier choice for personal use, including families. By introducing useful features like Family Sharing, a household filled with Apple enthusiasts can share various services and enjoy exciting benefits.

With that said, choosing Apple simply makes a lot of sense for you and your loved ones. The good news is family sharing is just one of the many perks that your household can enjoy. To convince you to make the switch, this guide will discuss 11 amazing Apple features that will elevate your family's lifestyle.

11 Apple Features That Just Make Sense for Families

What is Family Sharing?

Family Sharing is a state-of-the-art feature that lets you share various Apple services with up to five members of your family. Upon set up, you can start sharing an Apple Music subscription, App Store purchases, and even an iCloud storage plan to your group. Paired with other features such as Find My, you can also track where your family members are or locate missing devices in an instant.

With these benefits in mind, going for Apple will greatly benefit everyone in your household. However, the perks of Apple technology don't stop there. To give you a better picture, we'll discuss 11 amazing Apple features.

11 Apple Features for Families

1. Share purchases from the App Store – When you purchase anything from the App Store, you have the option to share it with your family members. After you enable purchase sharing, your loved ones can start enjoying the movies, books, and music you've bought.

2. Share subscriptions – From Apple Music to Apple TV, Family Sharing can grant everyone access to your subscriptions. Instead of paying for many individual accounts, this feature will help you bundle and cut down membership costs.

3. Collective iCloud with privacy – In case you decide to share an iCloud storage plan with your family members, you'll be happy to know that everyone can keep their files confidential. To secure everyone's privacy, members won't see others' documents and purchase history.

4. Use of Apple Cash for kids – Apple Cash can grant you tons of convenience and clarity when it comes to your kids' spending. You can quickly send money (over Messages or Apple Pay) and monitor all the things they buy.

5. Review what your kids buy –Family Sharing will let you review first anything your kids buy from the App Store. Upon a purchase command, you are immediately notified and asked for approval.

6. Screen time limitation for kids – Screen time lets you see how frequently your kids are using their gadgets. It provides a brief overview of their activities, which can be crucial in maintaining their well-being. Since too much time on the phone or tablet is not desirable, this feature will help you set limits.

7. Integration of the Apple Watch – If your kids don’t have a phone, you'll be glad to know that Family Sharing also works seamlessly with the Apple Watch. After set up, your little ones can call, text, and share their location with you. It's also good to know that the Apple Watch has a schooltime feature that can help them stay focused during classes.

8. Track your family's locations – Picking up your daughter at her friend's house? In case you get lost on the way, you can easily track her by using Find My. The app will let you see where she is in real-time, which will save you a great deal of time.

9. Look for a family's missing device – Can't find your spouse’s iPhone? No worries! Find My lets you track any device in an instant. The app will show you where the device was last placed. The lost device will make an alarm sound even if it's in silent mode.

10. Security via double opt-in verification – Apple places great emphasis on security, especially now that data breaches are becoming more common. The company has given its users more protection through two-factor verification. Since Apple is in full control of its servers, hackers will have difficulty accessing data and accounts.

11. Sharing technology is always up-to-date and free - To improve your overall experience, Apple always provides free software updates. This ensures that Family Sharing and other apps work at peak performance.

Make The Switch

Apple is a leader in the industry thanks to its ability to innovate. Features such as Family Sharing are just one of the many examples that show the company's willingness to improve its users' lives. With the perks listed above, making the switch to Apple is sure to empower everyone in your household.

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