Should I Buy A Refurbished Macbook: Refurbished vs Brand New

Should I Buy A Refurbished Macbook: Refurbished vs Brand New

6th Sep 2019

Refurbished laptops often get some bad rep, and for understandable reason. In the tech world, there’s no one way to define what a refurbished device means as it’s up to the vendor. This leads to extensive research for buyers and looking at brands you can trust. Luckily, Apple is no stranger to the refurbishing industry and has strict guidelines with vendors who want to resell their products. Some even go above and beyond with how they test and market refurbished MacBook Pros to the public.

The Macs4u Refurbishment Standards

To get a more in-depth idea about how a sample refurbishment process works for laptops, here’s a good look at how Macs4u goes through theirs:

Operating System
Is the MacBook Pro running the latest OS? This is one of the first things Macs4u checks, and it’s critical to the overall performance of the laptop. This means everything on the shelf has the latest processor. If your MacBook Pro can run the newest OS, then you can make the most out of your refurbished gadget for a longer time, and you’re in for a better investment.
Battery Life
Batteries also undergo rigorous testing before the unit is deemed fit for reselling or refurbishment. They should be new or at least in excellent condition with high capacity or recharge cycles that can still give the user many years of great use. Don’t think that buying a refurbished MacBook Pro would have you reaching for a socket after 30 minutes of use. Any battery that doesn’t perform up to standard is sold off.
Cosmetics Grading
In the interest of transparency, Macs4u is taking a very conservative approach to grading and have at least two people grade every product they sell so the consumer is informed about the exact external condition of the product, such as any obvious dents, scratches, and other cosmetic defects. For MacBook Pros, there’s Excellent A-Grade Condition, Good Condition, and Fair Condition. It’s worthy to note that all have smooth internals and generally similar excellent processing power.
Life Cycle
MacBook Pros generally have a long life cycle, ranging from six to eight years or longer. Through thorough examination and based on the history of the gadget, only those that pass rigorous inspection and testing will be allowed for retail to the public using original Apple parts. Every machine is opened and checked for liquid damage or any existing abuse to guarantee that you get a top-notch product.
Depreciation Rate
Macs4u also thinks of its customers. Apple products are known for having a slower depreciation rate than most other brands, which means that you can still sell your MacBook Pros and regain some of the investment you made for the laptop. This cycle creates a relationship with buyers and Macs4u, as customers trust that they can get the same high-quality product from the vendor again and do.

The Myth Surrounding Refurbished Products

Refurbished computer products often get stereotyped of being an unreliable choice. Luckily not all providers are like this. Under the websites name Macs4u, this company has been providing certified refurbished products for well over 9 years.
They have carved out a niche market to offer 100% reliable product with top-notch service at great savings. Here is how they differ from others:

  • Independent reviews – When a company uses verified purchased reviews, you will get a great read on how the company operates. The hardest critics have verified reviews, so pay attention to how long reviews have been collected for them and how consistent client approval is.
  • Product reliability – Refurbished computers go through more extensive testing than new ones, meaning there is a better chance of catching a problem than a new unit. Macs4U’s Apple certified technicians are very thorough when dealing with used computers for any signs of wear and tear that could hamper the functionality of the product. In short, machines on its last leg do not make it into inventory.
  • Warranty – It is not unusual to find products with AppleCare, so you have Apple and Macs4u warranty p rotection. If you’re experiencing problems with your unit even after the warranty expired, they will stand by their product and are helpful in resolving the issue. For the customer's convenience and fast turnaround, online diagnosis makes it easy to troubleshoot most issues. Selling refurbished gadgets result in greater product knowledge for this team, as the product they sell can go back several years, versus current product.
  • Faulty hardware – As a responsible reseller with Apple certified technicians, they follow the same technical guidelines as Apple when recertifying devices. Defective parts are replaced proactively, such as batteries and the likes. And only original Apple parts are used.
  • Security and old user data – All refurbished items are sold with clean internals. That means freshly installed and securely erased hard drives with no old data remaining. You’ll be receiving the unit as if it has never been used. When turning on the computer the first time, you will be going through the same set-up process as when buying a new one.

Brand New vs. Refurbished: Which Mac Is For You?

Buying a laptop is a personal choice, and your decision to buy a brand new or refurbished one will boil down to what you’re going to use it for. Here are some factors that can help you decide which type of Mac to get:

  • Laptop usage – Regardless of the processing power and speed you need, whether you are mostly performing browsing activities with light graphic or presentation requirements or doing resource heavy activities such as video editing or gaming, refurbished laptops will be up your alley. While Macs4u provides complimentary consultation from an Apple certified tech to help you determine exactly which model is right for you.
  • Budget – One significant factor where refurbished MacBook Pros win is the subject of pricing. If you’re on a budget, you’ll be able to get your hands on your dream MacBook Pro through trusted vendors such as Macs4u. There’s no need for you to save up for brand new Apple gadgets that can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. As a professional, experience a more powerful machine giving you greater productivity than you thought you could afford on your current budget.
  • Warranty – It’s easy to find warranty policies for refurbished products that provide you ample coverage and compete with the warranty found in brand store products. Vendors that have Apple certified technicians such as Macs4u also allow users to purchase AppleCare top-ups for longer coverage where applicable. Macs4u is committed to providing a 24-hour turnaround for all repairs. Shipping included.

It’s a good idea to go over the specs of your refurbished gadget before buying. Your MacBook Pro should ideally be able to have parts and software updates available for the next five years of continued use. Even if it is an obsolete model Macs4u can likely help with their inventory of original parts.

Own Top-Notch Gadgets for Less

If you used to think that refurbished laptops only come at subpar quality, it’s time for you to let go of this belief. Much like their brand-new counterparts, refurbished computers come with a high standard. There’s only one way for you to experience the quality that Macs4u can offer, and that’s to try out their refurbished MacBook Pros yourself.

When you shop with us you will experience just how committed the Macs4u family cares about your happiness with your Mac. From the Mac model consultation with an Apple certified tech to the service including courtesy one-on-one support you will receive after your purchase.