7 Financial Benefits of Buying Refurbished Apple Products

7 Financial Benefits of Buying Refurbished Apple Products

26th Oct 2022

Buying refurbished products is an obvious win for your finances, especially if they're Apple products. When you purchase from trusted brands, such as Macs4u, you can be sure it's gone through a rigorous quality assurance process. Getting optimum performance without putting a hole in your pocket.

Read more to know how buying refurbished Apple products can benefit you.

1. You get it at a discounted price

Apple makes great products, which last a long time but will cost more than a budget PC. The newest models with high specs do demand a premium. One way to get into Apple products at a lower price is to purchase refurbished versus brand new. You can get the same/or similar functions as you would with a new MacBook.

For example, a 2018 MacBook Pro model can perform like the 2019 model, which carries minimal performance boosts. Same Apple experience just for less.

2. You get your money's worth

The entry-level model of a new generation Apple product typically cost more than a prior refurbished model with better specs. If you're looking for a more powerful device in terms of storage, RAM and other features, you will be saving money by checking out the prior model year.

3. Your computer is refurbished back to factory settings

Refurbished Apple products undergo thorough functional testing, complete erasure of any data, installation of a new Operating System, and replacement of authentic Apple parts if needed.

Refurbished Apple devices are cheaper then brand new ones, and the price varies depending of their overall cosmetic condition / "grade." Grade A refurbished MacBook products are in mint condition and will cost a little more than a B or C Grade. But when on a budget it is nice to have options.

Stores like Macs4u, also have a 1-year warranty on refurbished Apple products, so you can rest easy knowing that you are covered.

4. Shipping and other logistics costs are usually free

Reputable stores like Macs4U, will provide free shipping (most states in the US) while fully insuring the package at no additional cost. 

5. Some refurbished stores offer sales

Many people think that buying a second-hand and refurbished devices are the same. The main difference between the two is that refurbished Apple devices are only put up for sale once they have gone through a thorough testing and certification.

Depending on where you buy refurbished Apple products, you can land a yet better deal by signing up for a stores mailing list, so your are in the know for sales event. If you find a model you like, it is recommended to pull the trigger, as refurbished products have limited supplies.

6. You can benefit from its high resale value

High resale value is a standard for Apple products since they're considered high-end devices compared to their rivals. This reputation comes from excellent-quality materials and designs the tech giant uses.

So if you're planning to upgrade or switch to a different laptop, even your refurbished Apple product can still fetch you money, off-setting the cost of the replacement computer. 

7. You have financing and leasing options

Many stores offer a variety of financing options for refurbished Apple products. Be sure to check out the financing offers in detail, as different financing companies/banks provide better deals.

Buying a computer is larger purchase, and choosing financing might be good option. Find out more about potential benefits of financing by Spreading the payments through installments.

Experience Apple for a Low Price

Refurbished Apple products are a surefire way to get a taste of the Apple brand without burning your savings. These devices perform like brand new, giving you your money's worth.

However, buying refurbished devices entails researching and looking for trusted stores before making big purchases. This way, you can ensure quality performance from your refurbished Apple gadgets.

Macs4u's all-in-one shop is a trusted seller of refurbished Apple products. Visit our blog to know more about refurbished Apple products, or contact us today.