How Refurbished MacBooks Keep Your Data Secure

How Refurbished MacBooks Keep Your Data Secure

16th Dec 2020

People often assume that refurbished means used and abused inside, only packaged in new housing. What's worse, they think that using a refurbished MacBook means one's data is not safe and secure. The fact is, refurbished MacBooks go through a thorough assessment and quality check under certified technicians to ensure all units are carefully inspected.

Moreover, Apple is known for equipping its products with topnotch safety and security software and applications, especially for their MacBooks. These laptops are produced by a tech giant that holds their products to the highest standards.

Put a refurbished MacBook side-by-side with a brand new unit, and you'll see that there are more similarities than there are differences between them. More importantly, refurbished ones can protect your data just as well as a brand new unit.

To enlighten you further about how safe and secure refurbished MacBooks are, take a look at the visual graph below.

How Protected is Your Data on a MacBook?

Multiple entities are involved in creating a PC; for instance, Microsoft handles the operating system, but software providers may differ. Meanwhile, Apple designs and develops the applications and operating systems that run on their products to ensure complete security with their users' best interest at the core. It is all built in-house, implying better communication across all parties involved.

Moreover, Apple sells their products without mining user data to sell to different companies. The company authenticates and encrypts customer data using its own servers, not with a third-party company. This gives Apple users the power to control, manage, and protect their data however they desire, on top of Apple's security measures.

Data Security with Refurbished MacBooks

  • Wiped out storage disk

The computer industry has recently switched to using Solid State Drive (SSD), the new generation of smaller storage device that performs the same basic functions as a hard drive. However, it stores data on interconnected flash memory chips that maintain the data even without power traveling through it. With SSD, they are completely encrypted and can be wiped out in a matter of seconds.

  • Reinstalled operating system

Apple rolls out a new operating system each year, and it's not just for cosmetics. Apple designs their products with purpose and function in mind; they don't prioritize style over substance.

The latest macOS comes with updated security measures to ensure that Mac devices are maximized, and its features are accessible right away. More importantly, the latest OS runs the most secure version of macOS for your Mac.

Macs4U recommends waiting until the third revision of a new operating system after its initial launch before installation. Chances are, Apple developers have already fixed the initial bugs after the release.

Some Tips to Keep Your Refurbished MacBook Safe

  • Back-up your files - Every time you save documents or media files in your Mac, always finish the task by backing them up. This is quick and easy to do with the help of Time Machine, a feature that allows you to recover your whole system or a single file without trouble.
  • Protect your passwords – Use the iCloud Keychain to keep track of your passwords and keep your data secure across all your Apple gadgets. Keychain remembers even your strongest passwords and automatically fills in the information for you once you set it up.
  • Always require a password for your machine - Whether you're sharing a MacBook with a sibling or colleague, or you're allowing a friend to freely use it, always set up a password for the user. Also, never leave your device open to anyone, especially unauthorized people.
  • Enable the Find My app - The Find My app can help you find your missing device even when it's offline or not connected to a network. Set this up once you get your hands on your Mac, so in case it goes missing or stolen, you can instantly mark it as stolen.
  • Think twice before using Wi-Fi hotspots - Connecting to a public network exposes your device to hackers. Your data could be intercepted if the network isn't secured. If you really need to connect, avoid logging into your bank account or other websites so that your login credentials and other vital data stay safe.

If you really need to access the Internet, you can always use your iPhone as a personal hotspot to create your own secure network–all safe.

Wrapping It Up

Every Apple device, including MacBooks, has hardware, software, and services built to work together for utmost security and deliver a comfortable user experience. When it comes to refurbished MacBooks, each Apple Certified Refurbished device undergoes a meticulous full product assessment to meet the same functional standards as new Apple devices. This means refurb Macs feels and works "like new."

As the brand is known for quality, refurbished Apple devices are guaranteed to be the same. Refurb MacBooks are excellent options for several reasons. If you're in the market to purchase quality refurbished MacBooks, head on over to Macs4U to find the one that suits you!