How to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

How to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

14th Dec 2021

Macs4U loves fur babies - and we like to lend a helping hand to animal rescues as we did this past summer with our Macs4pets campaign. Just in time for the holidays  we like to share some tips to keep your pet friends safe, as we all can get a little rushed. Whether you’re gathering around the Christmas tree or blowing balloons for New Year’s Eve, your furry friends can feel stressed during holiday activities. With more people around your home and many new items arriving (think gifts), unexpected hazards can come up.

1. Keep the decorations out of their reach

No matter what materials are used to decorate your home with for the holidays, they can spell trouble for fur babies (candles, tinsel, ornaments, ribbons etc.).

Holiday trees: Some cats will try to climb trees, as curiosity often wins. The highest success rate for the tree to stay put is a very solid tree stand. Most tree stands available are just not sturdy enough. Weight, size of tree stand, and solid bolts are key for stable stands.

Candles: Since pets can be rowdy at times, do not leave real candles unattended. Or try buying battery-operated candles instead to protect your pets and prevent fire hazards.

Decorative items can look like toys to your playful pets, which means that there’s a high risk they may chew or swallow ornaments and ribbons. Keep decorations out of your pet’s reach to avoid any emergency vet visits.

2. Remember the types of food you can’t feed your pet

There’s always food—lots of it—on the table during the holiday season. Your four-legged companion knows this, too, and wants a piece of whatever you’re having. Keep table scraps away from them, no matter how cute they are.

There are numerous kinds of human food that pets can't eat such as chocolate, cookies, candies, onions, eggnog, cake, and grapes. Bones can also cause a severe health risk (especially poultry), as they are brittle with razor sharp edges especially when fully cooked. Ensure your guests know this, so they don’t feed your pet when you aren’t looking. If you want your furry friend to indulge during the holidays, then a treat made for animals should be safe and tasty, and perhaps you can have your guests provide your fur babies with those tasty morsels!

3. Have a quiet space for them to relax and avoid the noise

Guests going to and from the kitchen, children running around, music —all these are enough to stress out your pet. Prepare a quiet space where your buddy can retreat when all the commotion happens. Don’t forget to put out fresh water, food (litter box for cats) and make the area comfy. 

4. Install a camera in their relaxing and noise-free room

Even if you place your pets away in a relaxing and noise-free environment, it is a good idea to monitor and watch their activities. Consider installing a camera in their room and connect it to a monitor or device you can view from anywhere for you to keep an eye on them.

5. Give them something to play with

Provide your pet with plenty of toys to keep them busy during holiday get-togethers. For dogs, indestructible chew toys are best. For cats, a large ball, interactive cat dancer, or a stuffed catnip toy will make them happy while you’re away. If they are used to music or television, you may just want to turn on the usual stations to mask the sounds from your party.

6. Dispose of packaging from presents and other wrapped items

Like holiday home decor, gift wrapping and packaging can also be hazardous to pets. For example, a gift for your grandparents may have wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows. If your furry companion plays with the packaging, they can swallow or choke on the items. Be wary of shredded packing paper and styrofoam peanuts too. As soon as you’ve opened the presents, securely dispose of the packaging.

7. Keep your doors shut and always locked

Your pets can find an opportunity to slip out whenever your guests go in and out of your home. Make sure to let your guests know to shut the door as they enter or leave so that your four-legged friends can’t dash out (better yet, you can also attach a note at the door as a friendly reminder for your visitors). Some electronic locks can also notify you if a front door has been left open. Alternatively, you can keep your pets in a room where they can’t easily escape while you welcome your guests.

To be safe, fur babies should always be microchipped, just in case they get lost. Additionally it is always a good idea to put identification tags on their collars (better yet use electronic tracking devices that attach to the collar). Lot's of apps have been developed to track your pet, via smart devices like a  refurbished MacBook, iPhone, or any Apple device. 

8. Properly tuck away exposed electrical cords, wires and batteries

Pets see wires, Christmas lights, and batteries as chew toys. Even if the fur-babies have celebrated many holidays with you and have never gotten into trouble, be diligent as one year they might be keenly interested. Make sure to tuck all of these away and out of your pet’s reach. If your chew-happy buddy nibbles on a wire, they’re facing dangers of burns and worst. Punctured batteries can insure pet’s mouth, and if swallowed can turn into a life threatening condition. Christmas lights shards can also damage their digestive tract.

Wish Your Pets a Happy Holiday

The happiest season of the year should be a safe and joyful time for all, including your furry friends. Unfortunately, some aspects of the festivities may not be good for your pets, be it relatives feeding your four-legged companion human food under the table or decorations that look tempting to get chewed.

For peace of mind, take a few minutes to think through your preventive pet holiday safety ahead of all celebrations. Your kids might make excellent deputies in assisting with pet safety.

This season, check-out apps that’ll help you care for your pet such as pet trackers and health monitors. Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and MacBook have tons of app options available.

If you need high-quality gadgets to help you with your pet care, Macs4u offers superior refurbished Apple products. Get in touch today to learn more.