A Guide on How to Refurbish According to Macs4U

A Guide on How to Refurbish According to Macs4U

18th Oct 2021

There are multiple reasons you should buy refurbished gadgets instead of purchasing new devices. This option is more environmentally friendly as you avoid sending a device to a landfill. Additionally, you get gadgets that perform like they’re brand new at an affordable cost.

A refurbished device has undergone a meticulous reconditioning process. Trust certified companies, such as Macs4u, to restore electronics to their “like-new” condition. With high standards for the refurbishing process, Macs4u can help you save money on the latest Apple products in the market.

The infographic and article below will discuss Macs4u’s thorough methods on how to refurbish Apple products.

Where Do Refurbished Computers Come From?

Refurbished computers come from a variety of sources. The vast majority are used in education, leasing programs for businesses and some from individual purchasers. Educational or business units spend a short amount of time in service before they are being resold. What makes those computers very desirable is that within their first one or two years of service they are maintained by professional internal help desk teams and carry factory warranty.

What is the Refurbishing Process?

Refurbishment is when electronics are re-distributed in the market and test them for any defects and functionality issues. Once they pass all tests and are performing to manufacturer specifications, they should be graded to the respective cosmetic grades.The computer grade should only be representative of what the cosmetic condition is of the computer, NEVER about the functionality of the unit. If the grade of the computer is linked to the functionality – walk away – as the refurbisher does not stand by it’s product. After all, you would not want to buy a used car that has engine issues, right?

Recondition devices are sold at steep discounted prices. Apple computers are milled out of a solid block of aluminum, so the housing of the computer is expensive and also has component assemblies attached to them. So replacing the case is not easily possible and also very expensive. For that very reason, they are sold at a discounted price. Either the manufacturer or an certified refurbisher will handle this process.

The refurbishing process must be standardized to maintain the excellent performance of the device. The process includes disassembly, sanitation, data wipe, part replacement, and quality control.

Refurbishing Process Must-haves

  • Tried and Tested Service

It takes time and dedication to refurbish properly. The reputation of your refurbisher is the most important factor in the refurbishing process. Retailers must be reliable enough to ensure that, after refurbishing, the units will work with 100% functionality. They should provide batteries in good condition and be compliant with the Secure Erase standards of the Department of Defense (DoD), among others.

When you receive the device, it should have no issues. For laptops, refurbishers should open the gadget and inspect it to check for any damage. All devices need to have internal dust removed. Not only are dirty devices unsanitary, but they can also have shorter lifespans if not properly cleaned after it’s first owner as accumulated dust can lead to overheating. Sadly only a few refurbishers open up computers as it is time-intensive, but Macs4U will take the time to thoroughly review and replace computer parts to make sure that it’s at its freshest and greatest condition. They will also be knowledgeable of Apple bulletins, as occasionally some parts are recommended by Apple to be replaced to insure full functionality and long life cycle of the product.

  • Qualified and Apple-Certified Technicians

A trustworthy refurbisher should have factory-certified technicians with credentials like AppleCare service certifications. It’s also best to have a refurbisher with certified technicians to perform tech support and remote diagnostic support. The people working on the refurbished products should be experts who have undergone comprehensive training and who regularly update their skills.

  • Customer Care

Apple is well known for its great customer service. This quality of service should also translate to its certified refurbishers. From the care of the devices to technical support, a reliable refurbisher should always put its customers’ concerns first. They should provide customers with personal expert advice rather than a general solution. Additionally, devices should come with a warranty. Check out verified reviews like Trustpilot to make sure you are dealing with a reliable company.

  • Logistics

The logistical aspect of the refurbishing process shouldn’t be a hassle for the customer. High-quality refurbishers should provide free shipping. Macs4U helps you save on shipping costs by taking care of shipping fees, signature requirement – so your package is just left on the porch as well as insurance. If you want express shipping, Macs4U has a heavily discounted $25 second day air option for laptops, all other express rates are reasonable as they do not mark up the shipping fees, but rather pass on their discounted rates.

The Refurbishing Process: 7 Key Steps

1. Examine the laptop

Refurbishers takes the device apart and detail inspects all internals of the computer. The external inspection will determine the cosmetic grade (keyboard, screen and housing condition)

2. Erase existing data and clean the storage

Refurbishers should erase the device to the department of defense standard. Using this standard will make sure that the device has no remaining data from the prior user. Also the most current OS should get installed (unless you want a different version), so that you get a refurbished machine that will have the same prompts as a brand new unit from Apple when first starting it up.

3. Make an internal and external diagnosis

Each computer is thoroughly checked to see if all parts are functioning as they should. Is the Touch Bar feature working? Does the device still charge properly? Does it have a good level of battery health? Components like the processor, SSD, and RAM have to be tested for the complete diagnosis of the computer.

4. Replacements parts

After a thorough inspection, the refurbishers will have identified if any parts need replacement. Replacement parts should be original and authentic never second grade (non Apple).

Most devices from recent vintages will not need any extensive part replacement. Consumables like batteries though might need to be replaced depending on how the unit was used previously (plugged in the office or used mostly when powered by battery). Chargers (power supplies) for laptop computers are not cheap and can set you back $50 to $80. Macs4U includes either new Apple power supplies or gently used one’s that do not have any defects like stressed wires etc.

5. Record keeping and recheck

It is good practice for refurbishers to keep a record of each machine by serial number, detailing replacement parts, grade information, which technician worked on the unit and final QC notes.

6. Cleaning

To accurately grade the cosmetics of a computer, it has to be as clean as a new one. Before a device gets put up for sale, refurbishers must go through every nook and cranny with an air duster to ensure there isn’t any dust in the gadget. They also use a variety of special cleaning products for removing stickers, and other marks, as well as sanitizing the device.

7. Testing

When a device like a refurbished MacBook for salegets sold, it should go through final testing one more time. Macs4U even pairs the power supply for laptops, making sure that all components are working together as they should.

Trust Refurbished Products

Secondhand devices can get new life and purpose through refurbishing. When used gadgets are reconditioned, they are saved from being thrown away to a landfill and avoid contributing to the world’s waste. That said, it’s time that you consider buying refurbished gadgets.

Debunk the myth that refurbished gadgets are unreliable and uncertified. When you purchase a refurbished unit from a certified retailer, the device goes through a meticulous process to make sure it is brought back to function the same brand new. By learning the refurbishing process, you can be more confident in purchasing your refurbished device.

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