macOS Ventura: What it means for your older Mac

macOS Ventura: What it means for your older Mac

26th Aug 2022

macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura

What it means for your older Mac

In June, Apple announced the next version of the macOS operating system coming this fall. Amongst new productivity features, it also introduced app overhauls and increases in security. These improvements are welcome but also brought significant changes for individuals working on older Macs.

Ventura Compatibility


New versions of macOS often limit which computer models continue to be supported.

macOS Ventura has now changed the minimum requirements to 2017 or newer models. Any Mac older than 2017 will NOT be able to upgrade beyond macOS Monterey.


I don’t need upgrades. Why should I care?

While Apple recommends running the latest OS, we know that’s not always the best fit for every user. Specific software requirements or personal preferences can keep many users on older versions of macOS.

However, once a product falls outside the support window, users may start experiencing issues with individual applications or the entire operating system. For example, editing software like Photoshop, Serato, and even common applications like Microsoft Office requires newer operating systems to stay up to date. In addition, users who need to surf the web or email will start running into limitations. For example, Apple will no longer offer security updates or bug fixes on old enough devices.

Once that happens, these older computers will no longer have protection from malicious attacks or vulnerabilities. This can lead to issues accessing more secure web pages like banking sites.

What can I do?

First, we need to find out the status of your current machine. Specs and model year are found by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left corner and going to About This Mac. Call us if you aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking at. We’ll be happy to assist, check your exact computer model and age, and determine if your computer is affected.

Key Takeaways



Apple has increased the minimum model year required to install their latest OS. As a result, you will need a 2017 or newer Mac to run macOS Ventura when it becomes available this fall.



Apple’s newest OS will always include the latest security features and protections. But unfortunately, running an outdated OS can eventually open you to malicious attacks or vulnerabilities.



Future-proofing yourself with a newer Mac is an excellent way to stay ahead. Take advantage of our current sales and multiple financing options; it’s a perfect time to upgrade.