The Macs4Pets Campaign

The Macs4Pets Campaign

16th Jun 2021

Macs4U is known for its dedication to providing quality refurbished MacBooks and other Apple products through a combination of its top-notch refurbishing process and exceptional customer service.

One of the closest causes aligned with Macs4U’s mission and vision is supporting no-kill animal shelters. In line with this, the company launched Macs4Pets, which is an animal welfare campaign.

The campaign aims to advance awareness and advocacy for animal rescue. Along with this, Macs4U also runs an internal program that helps subsidize costs and support sessions for employees adopting pets from these shelters.

Learn more about this advocacy and how you can support it through the infographic below.

The Macs4Pets Campaign

The Macs4Pets Campaign

In line with Macs4U’s passion for the well-being of animals, the Macs4Pets campaign was born. Through this campaign, we are featuring animal shelters with high save rates that anyone can vote for here.

We are pooling our sales proceeds from June 16 - July 15, 2021 and awarding it to the shelter with the most votes; but fret not! We will also be donating to the rest of the shelters.

Goals of the Campaign

Overall, the Macs4Pets campaign aims to work towards the following goals:

  1. Spread information about no-kill animal shelters and animal welfare
  2. Provide better lives for misplaced and homeless animals
  3. Match caring pet owners to lovable pets

Wrapping Up

Animal welfare is a cause near and dear to the hearts of Macs4U and its employees. The Macs4Pets campaign works to educate people on the importance of the no-kill philosophy in animal shelters and pet owners alike.

To learn more about the Macs4Pets campaign, click here

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