7 Must-have Accessories for Your Refurbished MacBook

7 Must-have Accessories for Your Refurbished MacBook

28th Apr 2022

Everyone loves a good set of hardware accessories. Since electronic devices are with us pretty much through the day, accessorizing your MacBook is an interesting way to give your computer a personal design touch while also protecting it. 

MacBook accessories work great at improving user experience and enhancing your workflow and productivity, whether you’re a student or a professional. Since accessories are optional   proper care to your Mac can extend the life cycle.

Since there’s a wide selection of accessories from Apple and other producers, we have a few recommendations on the must-have accessories for your new or used MacBook.

7 Must-have Accessories for Your Refurbished MacBook

1. Laptop sleeve

Also called a laptop pouch, a laptop sleeve lets you carry your MacBook if you need to travel light now and then, like a quick trip to your favorite coffee shop. Instead of using your backpack’s designated laptop slot, you simply reach for a laptop sleeve, and you’re ready to go.

This handy storage helps keep your MacBook protected from dust, dents, or scratches while you’re on the move—not to mention, you can also stash papers you’re working on in a laptop sleeve.

Laptop sleeve options run the gamut from size and color to material and design. For instance, you can choose one with a zipper clasp like the 13.3” Deluxe Neoprene Laptop Sleeve for MacBook Pro/Air/Retina or a magnetic one like Incase ICON Sleeve with TENSAERLITE for MacBook Pro Retina 15”.

2. Magic Trackpad

Apple’s Magic Trackpad is the perfect pair for your Mac because it’s designed with the same functionality and flexibility as the trackpad on your Mac. For one, it has a full range of Multi-Touch gestures and Force Touch technology. This lets you scroll and swipe with ease whether you are reading documents or browsing social media.

The wireless Magic Trackpad has a rechargeable battery with a month’s worth of battery life, so you don’t have to worry about cumbersome charging or unexpectedly losing power in the middle of an urgent task.

3. Hardshell case

You can fit a hardshell case onto your MacBook so that it can withstand drops, shocks, water spills, or similar types of damage. Should you accidentally drop your laptop on the ground, a hardshell case provides an extra layer of protection against a possible screen crack.

Plus, most hard cases like Macs4u’s 13-inch MacBook Air Hardshell Case have non-slip silicone feet to firmly keep your laptop on the desk while creating a tiny space between them for an air vent. Ultimately, this type of feature can prolong your Mac’s lifespan.

Refurbished MacBook sellers like Macs4u even include a hardshell case and a keyboard cover for every purchase, ensuring that your newly purchased refurbished MacBook is already protected at the get-go.

4. USB-C hub adapter

More and more devices use USB-C ports and cables, including MacBooks. But what if you need to connect a device or accessory with a different USB type? This is where a USB-C hub adapter comes in handy, allowing you to connect your laptop to other devices’ USB ports.

One great example is the Anker USB-C Hub Adapter. This is a 7-in-1 (2 USB-A data ports, 1 USB-C Power Delivery charging port, 1 USB-C data port, 1 HDMI port, 1 microSD card slot, and 1 standard SD slot) hub to be your perfect partner in transferring data, accessing files, and charging your refurbished MacBook.

5. Laptop stand

A laptop stand for your MacBook can be a great addition to your workspace, especially if you use an external keyboard that brings your computer a little farther away from you and makes looking at the screen quite of a challenge. A laptop stand can provide the ideal viewing height as it raises your monitor at eye level and avoids straining your neck.Letting your MacBook stand on a monitor riser is good for ergonomics, too, as this position enables you to type with your wrists and elbows at the right angles. 

6. Music peripherals

Accessories like earphones, headphones, and speakers can be valuable additions to your arsenal if you’re into vlogging, podcasting, or any other creative endeavor. With an easy interface  Apple products are designed with creatives in mind, so connecting them up in the ecosystem is fast and easy. 

7. Genuine Apple chargers

It’s always a good practice to buy genuine and original Apple chargers. Buying aftermarket chargers can be very risky and harm your Apple device (not charging properly, heating up or causing a short in your computer).  Buy only genuine power supplies to ensure the safety of your device.

What to Check When Buying Accessories for Your Refurbished MacBook

Tech purchases are no longer a luxury but more of a necessity, given how useful mobile devices and electronic gadgets are in our day-to-day activities. Use the same scrutiny for pricier accessories purchases as you do with buying computers ( knowing what to look for in a refurbished MacBook ).

  • Price: If you’re in the market for MacBook accessories, be ready to be greeted by a huge selection and price points. Opting for quality rather than quantity will go a long way.
  • Compatibility: Make sure to have the current specs of your computer available when selecting new accessories. Some of them might not be compatible as technology does change over time. 
  • Customer Reviews: After checking the price and compatibility of the accessory, read reviews from actual customers who have purchased the product. Not only will you get authentic feedback, you might gain additional insights about materials, durability and fit. 
  • Store Guarantee: Make sure that the store guarantees that the accessory will work with your computer. When you are buying an accessory online, the site should have a comparison chart for computer-accessory compatibility.
  • Warranty: Just like any of your electronic device purchases, always check for warranty. 

Do More with MacBook Accessories

The right MacBook accessories can protect your MacBook, help you get your work done efficiently when not in the office (like an adapter set), and last but not the least, add a little pizazz to your machine.

A refurbished MacBook for sale is well within your reach with Macs4u’s line of refurbished Apple products and accessories. Shop from Macs4u for all your MacBook needs.