9 Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy Refurbished Macbooks

9 Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy Refurbished Macbooks

3rd Apr 2020

9 Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy Refurbished Macbooks

Apple is known to release different products and various models every year. This makes Apple products more viable for refurbishing since it assures you of getting a machine that’s updated and top-of-the-line.The refurbished industry for consumer electronics is said to be at $10 billion.

Consumers welcomed this trend, as proven on a survey that showed 75% of people saying they’re likely to purchase refurbished electronics. Moreover, 84% of consumers who have bought refurbished items are satisfied with the quality and its value for money.

Apple has adapted the concept of refurbished for the longest time. Planning on getting a new laptop? Below are some reasons to convince you to get a refurbished MacBook.Apple is always changing their pricing strategies – so many times the newest models are very expensive, but they also bring out some more budget oriented models.Understanding the pricing strategies of Apple can be better explained by the car depreciation logic presented in the infographic.

The Distinction Between Used and Refurbished

First things first: Refurbished machines are not used.

Used products are secondhand or pre-owned items, meaning that it had already gone through a fair amount of usage. Meanwhile, refurbished goods are remanufactured or reconditioned products. These are items people bought, but for reasons unknown, returned it. Before the manufacturer or refurbished retailer sells these, the products go through a meticulous quality assessment process to ensure that they are of top quality before they go out in the market.

Not all computers will look like new – some clients don’t mind some cosmetic issues if it saves them money. Moreover, used and refurbished machines are both  eco-friendly products which means they are not harmful to the environment. Since there's no need to produce a new machine, there's no need to source new materials. You are not just saving money, you are also, in a way, contributing to saving the planet. Overall, the important point is that proper refurbished products work great.

Tips for Buying Refurbished MacBooks

Ready to check out refurbished MacBooks? Here are some quick tips for inspecting and purchasing one.

  • Inspect the screen and display condition - Play a YouTube video or use the Eizo Monitor Test to see the image quality, and check if the monitor flickers, has display problems, or has any dead pixels.Apple considers some dead pixel count as acceptable. You can read more about this through Apple Support.
  • Test the ports and inputs - Try out all the USB ports, headphone jack, charging port, and other inputs available to see if they’re all working properly. The majority of these are connected to the motherboard, which can be costly to replace if you realize it’s defective a little too late.
  • Test the keyboard and trackpad - While you’re at it, put its keyboard and trackpad to the test. See if there are any malfunctioning keys. Users need to keep in mind that the personalization and customization of their computer usage depends on the special settings they can do later on.
  • Check its wireless connectivity - Examine how fast the unit connects to Wi-Fi networks and if the Bluetooth function connects to devices without trouble. However, an issue with wireless connectivity doesn’t solely rely on your machine. Make sure to contact your Internet provider when you are having connectivity issues, beyond your laptop settings.
  • Examine the battery life - To test battery life realistically, functions such as screen brightness, volume and tabs open have a great effect on the drain. Apple measures battery life by turning off all functions and then seeing how long it lasts. Best way to get an accurate idea is through this additional resource.
  • Take it out on a test drive - Ask the dealer if it’s possible to use it for a few minutes to check if it's all good or if there are any bad signs.If you’re buying the machine online, you can always go back to the return policy and warranty coverages. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team of your refurbished retailer.

Summing It Up

Either you have budget considerations or simply not willing to spend money for a new computer, a refurbished MacBook can address your needs as long as you know what to look for.At Macs4U, we guarantee that our refurbished MacBooks are fully functional and of top quality. Get in touch to learn more!

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