10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use MacBooks for Business

10 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use MacBooks for Business

26th Aug 2022

The MacBook Pro has endeared itself to consumers due to its innovative features and high-end performance. With each subsequent release, Apple's products tend to build off the foundation of its past iterations to create more advanced pieces of hardware. This consistent innovation is the main reason businesses are adopting MacBooks over other alternatives.

Moreover, it is widely apparent that Macs are not all hype. Its hefty features are surely enough to justify its cost. So, if you’re looking to switch to a Mac, this guide lets you in on why you should adopt Apple's premier product for your business.

Why MacBooks Make Great Enterprise Laptops

1. Intuitive and compatible OS across Apple devices

Using a MacBook for Business is more convenient because its OS is easily integrated across Apple apps and devices. This is with the help of the Apple Business Manager, an app that can quickly deploy applications collectively without physically touching multiple devices as well as remotely configure and update device settings. The Mac integrates well with Microsoft solutions and the Apple Business Manager, Apple's web-based portal that integrates the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, with the Mac.

2. Separate profiles that users can have on one machine

If you have multiple users sharing one Mac, you can create individual profiles on the same machine. The Mac allows you to switch quickly between users and customize features like desktop pictures, applications, documents, and machine preferences to fit each user's needs and workflow without having to purchase a separate machine for each user.

3. Reduced IT and maintenance costs

Besides having an easy-to-use user interface that’s pretty to look at, Macs are also intuitive enough that users can sort out problems on their own without calling for support. Additionally, there are no charges for operating system updates and licenses for other programs. Not only does this reduce the expense to acquire user licenses you need to operate, but it also reduces the burden on your IT folks and on your finances, too! By how much? One study found that Macs cost $207.75 less than PCs regarding software and hardware costs during their three-year lifecycle.

According to another study by IBM, only 5% of Mac users require IT assistance, compared to 27% of PC users. When compared to alternatives that require you to purchase additional tools and software on top of the initial PC cost, Macs are less expensive due to built-in features like macOS Monterey and Apple Business Manager that keep the system updated.

4. Excellent build quality and durability

Mac is highly regarded as a high-performance device possessing a solid build that’s durable at the same time. The ultracompact nature of MacBooks is attributed to Apple's use of polycarbonate, aluminum, and magnesium, which increases its durability against physical damage and helps it retain its aesthetics for longer.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Another benefit of Macs are that they are more durable and have better resale value, reducing your total cost of ownership. This cost reduction makes Apple's ecosystem hard to beat.

The Apple M1, an ARM-based system on a chip developed by Apple, significantly contributes to organizations with its improved power, making it easier for companies to deploy baseline devices to more team members. Reduced average device cost translates to giving your teammates more computing power. Additionally, devices with AppleCare can be renewed on an annual basis with Apple, which makes it a more reasonable choice for the long term.

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6. Extreme power

Apple's biggest strength is that it designs its software and hardware, giving the company the ability to develop an operating system and suite of apps specifically engineered and optimized for the Mac.

A prime example of Mac's power is the ability to run Alfred. Alfred is an application launcher that bridges the gap between Siri and the app Spotlight, allowing you to automate tasks and execute advanced functions. Given these capabilities, your team members have more time to work on the more important aspects of your business.

7. A multitude of useful apps

Other PCs often come with preloaded apps referred to as "bloatware," third-party apps that users don't need. On the other hand, Mac has many useful apps pre-installed like an Automator, FaceTime, voice memos, reminders, books, and even a dictionary.

8. Accident protection

The benefit of having a Mac with accident protection is you always know where to bring it in the event of an accident. Whether you get it to an Apple-certified partner or an official Apple repair store, the problem will most likely be resolved immediately.

9. Less vulnerability against viruses

According to research, IT organizations spend over $2,000 per user to ward off security threats. On the other hand, cybercriminals tend to steer clear of Apple products because of their secure data architecture. Macs are hardly vulnerable to viruses, making them suitable for businesses.

10. They are stylish to boot!

Apple takes product design seriously. With their recognizable appearance and sleek design, owning a Mac shows your customers that you're unafraid to spend good money on machines and enhances your professional business image.

Time to Upgrade

Easy to learn, astoundingly powerful, and designed to let you work as efficiently as possible, the Mac comes packed with apps that are ready to go right out of the box. Free regular software updates also let you keep things up to date and running smoothly.

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