Refurbished Apple Devices as Holiday Gifts: 8 Reasons Why You Should

Refurbished Apple Devices as Holiday Gifts: 8 Reasons Why You Should

3rd Dec 2020

Refurbished Apple Devices as Holiday Gifts: 8 Reasons Why You Should

The year 2020 has been challenging for everyone. Aside from dealing with the impact of COVID-19, people from all over the world also had to deal with changed situations in our personal and professional lives. With the year coming to a close, we have embraced remote/online activities to new record levels. We are fortunate that we can use technology to connect to our friends, family, co-workers and fellow students.

With the holidays getting closer, it is time to appreciate and recognize how well we have adapted to this dramatically changed environment from just a year ago.

Technology has been on our side, making the pain of isolation more tolerable. Showing appreciation to a special person or simply treating yourself for a well-deserved reward, one of the best items to purchase is a technology gift.Given that holiday sales are fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start looking at refurbished Apple gadgets.

Whether it’s a refurbished MacBook, iPhone, or iPad, you can never go wrong with an Apple device. Get your loved ones their own device(s) to keep them entertained while helping him/her stay in touch with friends, family, school and work activities.

If you still aren’t convinced, we’ve listed down eight good reasons why refurbished Apple devices are the perfect gifts.

Refurbished Apple Devices as Holiday Gifts: 8 Reasons Why You Should

8 Reasons to Gift Refurbished Apple Devices

Apple is an industry giant for a reason. Through the years, the company has asserted its place on top by releasing state-of-the-art products, developing innovative applications, and introducing groundbreaking features. If you want to give yourself or a loved one a special gift this Christmas, going for Apple technology will be worth your hard-earned money.

To convince you, the guide below will discuss why refurbished Apple gadgets are the best holiday presents.

1. Lower cost – To start things off, refurbished devices are a lot cheaper. Online dealers such as Macs4U offer Apple gadgets at budget-friendly prices while providing free customization services to match. If you’re a frugal shopper, going for refurbished tech is a no-brainer.

2. Environment-friendly – Electronic waste is a growing problem. Given that the globe produces over 50 million tons of it each year, you should find ways to minimize your impact on the environment. If you want to take steps towards a greener lifestyle, then opting for refurbished gadgets will lessen the waste you produce.

3. Warranty – To help you get the most out of your device, credible dealers provide an extended warranty period. In case your gadget suddenly malfunctions, you can have it replaced or repaired in no time.

4. Same performance for a lower price – Apart from being the cheaper option, it’s good to know that a refurbished unit can perform just as well as a brand new model. By giving the same capabilities at an inexpensive price, gifting a refurbished Apple gadget is the better option for some people.

5. Underwent testing – Many are hesitant to buy refurbished devices due to various misconceptions and stigma. To give you some peace of mind, know that refurbished Apple gadgets go through a series of tests to assess its quality before they are sold. With that said, you won’t have to worry about getting a defective unit.

Note: Take a look at this guide to demystify the 8 common misconceptions behind refurbished MacBooks.

6. A great addition to the Apple ecosystem – Apple gadgets are built to complement one another. In case your cousin owns an iPhone, gifting a refurbished MacBook Air will be a great addition to his/her ecosystem.

7. Portable – MacBooks, iPads, and all other Apple products have a lightweight and portable build. This makes it easy for users to travel with their devices and work remotely. In case you or your brother is always on the go, an Apple product is the perfect solution for you.

8. Out-of-the-box ready to use – Use your device without any complications. Once you take your laptop out of the box, you can skip complicated setups and enjoy your unit instantly.

Tips in Buying Refurbished Apple Devices for Gifts

1. Get to know the refurbished sellers – There are hundreds of refurbished tech sellers out there, but sadly, not all are credible. If you want to cash in on a good deal, take some time to research your prospects. Review platforms or social media can give you some insight into the experiences of past customers. This way, you can quickly determine whether you should transact with a company or not.

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2. Check the warranty – Whether it’s a refurbished or a brand-new device, you should always check the warranty. Some online sellers may entice you with jaw-dropping rates, but these packages may not include a warranty or even customer support. Warranty is your primary protection against defective devices, so make sure that your dealer is committed to replacing and repairing your gadget.

3. Add an accessory – Christmas is the season of giving! If you want to make your present extra special, you can throw in an accessory along with your gift. Pairing a refurbished MacBook with a wireless mouse or a protective case is sure to make your recipient happy.

Holiday Time is Near

With these eight reasons in mind, it’s clear that refurbished Apple devices are the ideal gifts this year.

The holidays are getting closer by the minute, so start making your naughty or nice list. With the high demand for technology this year, we strongly recommend not to wait too long before pulling the trigger if you are considering a technology gift.

If you’re looking for a credible dealer, Macs4U offers highly-capable prices at the best prices online, while also having a variety of financing options. In case you still need more convincing, head over to our blog to learn more about refurbished Apple products.