Macs4u Reviews: Refurbished MacBooks Review Sites Uncovered

Macs4u Reviews: Refurbished MacBooks Review Sites Uncovered

14th May 2020

Are you planning to do some online shopping? Whether you’re looking at a catalog of kicks or a list of refurbished Apple computers for sale, it’s important to check on some reviews before you purchase. With the sudden popularity of online review platforms, you are more informed to make the best purchase possible thanks to the feedback of past customers.

Reviews may not give you the whole picture of a product or service, but it can give you an idea of what to expect. However, know that not all the feedback you see in the comments section are credible. Some business owners use of black hat practices, such as paying for positive reviews, to boost the reputation of their business.

If you’re buying a laptop, desktop, smartphone or any other electronic devices, listening to the wrong review can lead to an unsatisfactory purchase. Before you start reading any more online reviews regarding refurbished MacBooks, you should first know how to differentiate fake comments from ones that were written with good intentions.

What is A Review Site?

Nowadays, people are looking for genuine and trusted reviews and feedback of a certain product or service online. Gone are the days of simply going to popular social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter to check “organic” posts about something. Since the introduction of digital marketing, and paid reviews, it’s been challenging to decipher which reviews are real or not. According to a study by Universal McCann, 96% of consumers don’t trust social media influencers. Most individuals have to know the difference between none-worthy reviews like Yelp, Google, and others because these are freestyle review platforms.

If a business wants to take reviews more seriously, they will choose a review site company that independently administers the program and has a reliable algorithm in assessing reviews that come in their website. While it does come with a price, it ensures that reviews cannot be meddled by the merchant.

You should look for quality review sites that put value in these three Rs: realness, recency, and relationships:

Realness - Establish the authenticity of the reviews in the site.

Recency - Analyze brand consistency and reputation over the years.

Relationships - Check if the merchant builds a personal relationship with their customers, all the good and the bad.

One of the most reputable websites is Trustpilot which seeks feedback from all clients that have placed an order in a company’s system and integrate it directly into Trustpilot’s system. Trustpilot serves as an administrator and this includes making sure that every person has actually purchased from a merchant, monitoring review language, and ensuring that no other products are mentioned in the review.

The Trend in Review Sites

The power of review sites of the years has grown exponentially. In the US alone, it ranks as the second highest factor in determining the purchasing power of a consumer at  51%. And since it has this much power, you can tell a lot about the stability of a company when you read authentic and older reviews.

Companies like Macs4U have trusted Trustpilot since 2014 to fully automatically administer their review program for feedback on every purchase versus only select reviews. Macs4U might have changed their product offerings, but never their quality of service. Many of our reviews point out multiple purchases over the years.

Trustpilot has now changed the way they handle the reviews on their site. Merchants that use Trustpilot can no longer pick and choose who gets an invitation for feedback. If a merchant selects Trustpilot to administer the review program, automated review invitations will be sent out to all clients (whether the experience might have been good or bad). This is as close as you can come to truthful, verified reviews. Merchants with less than stellar performance no longer use Trustpilot as invitations are automated now. Instead they are hoping to get “organic” reviews – but note that an organic review is not a verified review.

Online Reviews by the Numbers

To help you spot organic comments, you first have to know why and how reviews can influence one’s purchasing behaviors in the first place.

Whenever an average consumer shops for something, instinctively, he or she will ask a peer for a recommendation. This is done to acquire the best product or service available and is primarily the main reason why word of mouth marketingis an incredibly powerful tool.

However, as more businesses are transitioning to the digital space, people now have a wider variety of opinions to look at. Since the recommendations of a friend may be limited, people may turn to search engines for other solutions and sources of information. To acquire more information about a company, 90% of consumers read online reviews before making a transaction.

Moreover, 88% of consumers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. One’s motivation for reading reviews may vary, but research shows that the three most common reasons are to gain an idea of a company’s reliability (27%), expertise (21%), and professionalism (18%).

If a potential customer sees that past clients had a good experience with the said business, the chances of converting will be much higher.

Positive reviews don’t just benefit the consumer; it can also help businesses greatly. Consumers are likely to spend up to 31% more if a company has good online reviews, and studies have shown that businesses that have earned a one-star increase in their Yelp rating experienced a 5–9% increase in revenue.

It’s also noticeable that perfect (scores) is considered boring in these review sites. Consumers remain skeptical in trusting brands that have a squeaky clean record online. While 56% of consumers will consider a 5-star rating, they would also do a little more research in proving the validity of this score.

Since maintaining a good reputation is vital to the success of any business, some will likely resort to using paid reviews to improve its market image. In the process of checking out online reviews regarding refurbished MacBooks, you may fall victim to an inorganic review and end up closing a bad deal. Luckily, this guide will teach you how to read online reviews.

How to Read Online Reviews

1. Take note of grammar and tone

To look credible, paid reviewers tend to use complex words and industry jargon.

The best way to see if a review was done in good faith is to take a close look at its sentence construction. Does it sound conversational? Is the sentence construction natural? Learning how to read between the lines isn’t just helpful in spotting real online reviews, it can also help you out with other personal matters.

2. Read product pages that have an ample amount of reviews

You have multiple sources of information to rely on, and you can compare every single comment to arrive at a definite conclusion. If the page you’re in doesn’t have an ample amount of reviews, it’s recommended that you visit other sources to acquire the necessary feedback.

It’s also important to stay vigilant on the number of reviews a site regularly acquires. A sudden influx of comments may indicate that a company has paid a few people to get some positive influence. If you want to counter this, take note of the reviewer’s profile to point out suspicious behavior.

3. Check the date of the reviews

As you scroll through the review platform, take note of the comments’ publishing date. While it may be good to have year-old reviews in place, it may not necessarily reflect the current service performance of the Mac dealer. Always look for the most recent comments since they’re arguably the more accurate sources of information.

4. Take note of review patterns

After you’ve scrutinized the number of reviews and date of publishing, you should then proceed to the next step and take note of patterns. What are the common praises and complaints that past customers have voiced? What are the strong points of the unit you desire? What are the typical performance issues across all MacBook models?

While customer experience and satisfaction may vary on several factors, looking at the pattern will let you discover the reliability of one’s service. If past clients consistently mention that the business provides excellent customer service, then you can expect reliable support if you choose to partner with them.

5. Look for comparative reviews

When it comes to buying refurbished Macs, it’s also recommended to look at comparative reviews. If you’re choosing between two dealers, paying close attention to a reviewer that has experience transacting with both prospects can provide a ton of valuable information. Knowing the pros and cons of each can save you from the complications of purchase.

6. Highly consider verified reviews

The review platform itself defines the credibility of a review. Third-party blogs, e-commerce sites, and social media can provide valuable information about a company’s service, but free reviews can be easily tampered and manipulated.

Verified reviews are extremely valuable since these are testimonies that come directly from a customer’s experience. If a business pays an independent company to administer its online reviews, you can gain a more accurate idea of their service quality.

7. Take note of replies from management

Aside from studying the reviewers, you can learn a lot about a company by observing how they interact with their customers. Some review sites give business owners the chance to address reviews, and this has been fruitful for both parties.

If they make it a point to answer customer concerns consistently, it’s an indication that the refurbished Mac dealer prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else.

The Relationship Between A Company and Reviews

Companies shouldn’t be ashamed of their reviews. Companies like Macs4U have their reviews right in the center of its website. Also, make sure to check the dates and how often they refresh this set of reviews. No recent feedback or review should be a sign that the quality of product or service has declined over the years.

In line with this,  65% consumers would rather trust a merchant that has few but recent reviews. You are availing the product and service of the merchant today so you should get their product or service at today’s quality.

Review the Reviewers

When you’re shopping for a refurbished MacBook, checking out online reviews is incredibly important, especially now that more businesses are transitioning to the digital space. Knowing how to spot and ignore fake comments will let you make the right choices with your money.

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