7 Things to Do Before Disposing of Your MacBook

7 Things to Do Before Disposing of Your MacBook

8th Aug 2020

Apart from their sleek design and high-performance capabilities, MacBooks are known for their exceptional durability. Buying one is a lucrative investment since you can enjoy a hassle-free user-experience for a good amount of years. But, just like any other smartphone, laptop, or tablet out there, it also has a lifespan.

For whatever reason it may be, there will eventually come a day when you’ll need to dispose of your MacBook. Whether you’re planning to make an upgrade or if it simply isn’t working anymore, disposing of your unit doesn’t just mean throwing it in the bin. In fact, there’s a secure and proper way to dispose of your MacBook.

You’ve probably stored massive amounts of data on your MacBook over the years, and given that data breaches and cyber attacks have significantly increased over the years, you’ll need to stay vigilant and safeguard valuable information. Simply throwing away your laptop puts you at risk of fraud and theft.

To keep these kinds of problems at bay, the guide below will discuss seven important things to do before you say goodbye to your MacBook.

7 Things to Do Before Disposing of Your MacBook

If you’re about to let go of your MacBook soon, you need to take measures to ensure that your data doesn’t get compromised. As per Apple Support, here are seven things to do before disposing of your MacBook.

1. Create a backup

Make sure that you have a backup of all your important files, which is especially crucial if you’re working in the creative industry. Make sure that your projects are safely stored so you can avoid any issues when using your next device. Put it on iCloud, use of an external hard drive, or back up with Time Machine.

2. Sign out of iTunes

For users of macOS Catalina or earlier, run iTunes. From the menu bar, click Account – Authorizations – Deauthorize this Computer. Enter your Apple ID details and click Deauthorize.

3. Sign out of iCloud

For users of macOS Catalina: Select the Apple menu and click on System Preferences. Click on Apple ID, select overview, then click sign out.

For users of macOS Mojave or earlier: Select the Apple menu and click on System Preferences. Select iCloud and then click sign out.

After which you’ll be asked if you want to keep a copy of your iCloud data on this Mac. Click on keep a copy so your data will remain in iCloud and all your other devices.

4. Sign out of iMessage

Open the Messages app then click on Messages – Preferences – from the menu bar. Select iMessage and sign out.

5. Reset NVRAM (nonvolatile random-access memory) and PRAM (Parameter RAM)

Shut down your Mac then turn it on immediately. While your unit is starting up, press and hold the following keys: Option, Command (⌘), P, and R. Release them after 20 seconds. This will clear user settings from memory and will restore altered security features.

6. Unpair Bluetooth devices that you’re keeping

Unpair all devices connected to your MacBook, may it be a smartphone or a mouse. If you’re living with the person that’s going to use your old MacBook, it will still detect your Bluetooth devices and may automatically connect with it if not unpaired.

Click on the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. Select Bluetooth and click the remove (x) button that’s placed right beside the device name.

7. Factory reset your Mac

Restart your Mac and hold down the ⌘ and R keys. Let go once you see the Apple logo and select Disk Utility when the Recovery Mode menu appears. Choose View – Show All Devices from the menu bar then select the disks you want to erase.

Once you click erase, type in the name of the newly reformatted disk, choose AFPS or Mac OS Extended (Journaled) for its format, and select GUID Partition Map for its Scheme. Click erase to begin reformatting.

When done, quit Disk Utility. A window will appear giving you the option to reinstall macOS. Leave this setting so that the setup assistant will guide the next user.

What to Do with Your MacBook for Disposal

Don’t throw your MacBook in the trash can! Here’s what you should do instead.

1. Sell it

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. MacBooks are greatly in demand and have a significantly high resale value. In case you need extra funds for your next laptop, putting it up for sale on social media, trading sites, and other online platforms will provide you some extra cash.

2. Donate it

Don’t wait for Christmas until you start giving. If your MacBook works perfectly fine, giving it to someone in need can go a long way, especially to students who can utilize it for his/her studies. In addition, many charities and children’s hospitals will be glad to accept your old gadgets. Giving your old Mac away can brighten up someone’s day.

3. Recycle it

In 2018 alone, the world has reportedly generated around 50 million tons of e-waste. If you want to pave the way for a greener earth, recycling your old gadgets is your best bet. Luckily, Apple and other tech dealers will be more than glad to recycle them for you, and may even give you something in return for it. Make sure to consult with different service centers around you.

Proper MacBook Disposal for You and Everyone Else’s Safely

You may be excited to switch laptops soon, but make sure to first dispose of your MacBook safely and sustainably. With the world rapidly shifting towards the digital space, adopting the best cybersecurity practices is vital now, more than ever. With the tips above in mind, you can properly say goodbye to your Mac while staying worry-free of security issues and still keeping your green thumb.

Once you start shopping around for a new laptop, consider getting a refurbished MacBook. Refurbished MacBooks are generally more affordable than the brand-new units in your local Apple store, and they work just as well. Look for certified dealers like Macs4U that offer refurbished Macs at an affordable price, as well as free customization services and warranty.

In case you’re interested in selling or trading your Mac, do know that we’ll be glad to assist with you. Drop us an email at support@macs4u.com or inquire for trade-ins at our hotline (800 496 7920).

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