Top 8 Gifts for Techy Pet Lovers

Top 8 Gifts for Techy Pet Lovers

13th Dec 2021

As one of the biggest holidays of the year is just around the corner, consider tech gifts for the pet lovers on your list. Not only are they practical, but help pet parents year around. 

The 8 Best Gifts You Can Get for Techy Pet Lovers

Trying to get all of your holiday shopping done before Christmas Day? From budget-friendly options such as refurbished Apple products to smart home tools, this guide will show you all the top items you can get for techy pet owners to make your holiday gifts much more memorable.

1. Robot vacuums

Most pets shed fur, which means someone in the family is on cleaning duty. Robot vacuums have become much smarter over the last few years, and the cleaning performance has greatly improved. Using a robot vacuum can significantly cut down on cleaning time. These handy tools can be safely operated around the home without disturbing your furry friends.

2. Therapeutic electric mattress

Active pet's and senior fur babies alike enjoy a comfortable place to sleep. Especially in the cooler months of the year where a therapeutic electric mattress can provide a comfy, quality bed for cats and dogs.

3. Air purifier

Pet dander can be one of the more difficult things that pet owners try to keep at bay to control allergies. These are the tiny, microscopic bits of skin that come from your furry little friends. A quick and easy way to reduce allergies is by getting your loved ones an air purifier with a HEPA certified filter that can help filter their space.

4. Pet camera system

Leaving pets alone at home can bring out the worry for pet owners. Getting them their own pet camera system helps to quickly check in and make sure that all is good at home. The camera system can connect to a host of iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, so all nicely integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

A pet camera system can also come in handy when a pet sitter is coming to your home. Aside from keeping an eye out for the pets, the camera can also provide insides of how your pet get's along with the sitter.

5. Smart dog collars

Here’s a cool tech gift for dog owners who always have their fur buddy running around everywhere. A smart dog collar tells where their pets are at any given time. The Apple AirTags can be used as a tracking device (some limitations do apply). This device makes it easy for pet owners to locate their cat or dog when it’s time to get them fed or cleaned up. It is also a handy tool to locate them when they may have strayed away from the usual territory.

6. Automatic ball launcher

Sometimes, a busy day can keep pet owners from spending quality time with their pets. Keep man’s best friend entertained with an automatic ball launcher that can easily be set up in the backyard. 

7. Water fountain

A water fountain encourages cats and dogs alike to drink more, which is critical especially if dry food is fed. A water fountain mimics their ancestral natural environment and is also comfortable to drink from. 

8. Self-cleaning litter box

Sometimes, cleaning up after pets can be a hassle. A cool gift you can get for cat owners is a self-cleaning litter box that can handle that nasty chore.

‘Tis the Season to Give

When it comes to gift-giving, the best options are the ones that have practical uses. These gifts can help make someone’s day a little easier. So, if you plan to get something practical or useful for your favorite techy pet owners during the holidays, consider giving them a nifty device they can use to care for their home companions.

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