3 Types of Warranties and How to Compare Them

3 Types of Warranties and How to Compare Them

30th Jun 2021

Are you planning to upgrade your laptop soon? Here are a few things to consider. 

To get started, determine what kind of options are needed for your work and/or for personal computing. 

Plan ahead and select a computer that provides you with some growth potential. It should run the current Operating system, as you want to avoid an outdated machine that will not be a good match in a few months. Switching to a new system does take a little effort. 

Once you start comparing price points and specifications, one really important thing that shouldn't go under your radar is the device warranty. Manufacturer warranties differ in length and if you consider buying a refurbished computer, warranties are different in scope depending on where you shop.

With so many different types of warranties available, here are the 3 major types of warranties and what sets them apart.

3 Types of Warranties and How to Compare Them

Unfortunately, many consumers are not taking full advantage of warranties. Some are simply unaware that their devices come with such coverage, while others ignore them completely. When a product is not functioning properly you can save BIG money by getting it fixed under the warranty plan. 

So once you start looking for different gadgets, knowing what kind of warranty comes with it will help you make better decisions as a customer.

1. Written Warranty

A written warranty is a type of written agreement between the merchant and the buyer. This type of warranty includes but is not limited to: the start and end of the warranty coverage, point of contact when you avail the warranty, the company’s warranty responsibility (repair, replace, or refund), repair parts and labor coverage, consequential damages, and warranty conditions or limitations.

2. Spoken Warranty

When spoken, you may not have the rights to avail of the warranty especially when it’s only offered in a verbal conversion and in passing. Make sure that you get any kind of promise offered by the salesperson and staff in a document. Keep in mind that it’s not guaranteed unless it’s written.

3. Extended Warranty

Also known as a service agreement, an extended warranty is a prolonged coverage that consumers can purchase. By paying a fee, customers can get more protection on top of an item's standard warranty. Many refurbished gadget dealers offer this perk with their devices to provide more assurance for their customers.

Experience the Benefits of Refurbished Gadgets

If the price of a new electronic device is outside of your budget, don't fret. Going for refurbished units will give you an affordable fix, often even the same model specifications.

Due to the misconceptions surrounding the refurbished industry, some buyers are hesitant to invest in refurbished devices. To give their clients more assurance, many refurbished dealers provide extended warranty for their devices. Offering this coverage allows their customers to experience several cost-saving benefits that brand-new models can never provide.

If you are considering a product from two or more dealers, be sure to compare their warranty coverage side by side. Some dealers provide the bare minimum because of competitive pressures, while others are sincerely standing behind their product.  

To get a better idea of a company's services, check out the reviews of past clients. Many customers are quick to share their experiences with a business, so brushing up on these comments can help you. However, be aware that there are some fabricated reviews out there. Knowing how to spot authentic comments will prevent you from getting tricked and help you make the right investment.

Macs4U Warranty Process

As a dealer of refurbished Apple products, Macs4U provides a 1-year warranty for all products offered (except some specialty garage sale items). To insure that clients have the best experience with refurbished Apple computers, they are certified by their own Apple certified technicians or are Apple factory certified. 

Macs4U warranty highlights:

- If a product has a mechanical issue or a problem that can't be solved remotely and it needs to be sent in, the warranty includes free insured round-trip shipping, a savings of $60 to $200 depending on location (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico).

- The efficient ticketing system keeps customers in the loop of the most recent status of the warranty claim.

- The 1-year warranty stays in place even if the product travelled outside the US.

- Warranty repairs are priority and generally take 24 hours to turnaround in house.

- Only genuine Apple or approved parts are used to repair devices.

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