Upgrading Your Laptop? Why Buy a Refurbished MacBook Instead

Upgrading Your Laptop? Why Buy a Refurbished MacBook Instead

11th Dec 2020

Does your laptop shut down the moment you unplug the charger? Are you constantly tormented with software crashes and all kinds of performance problems? If you regularly experience issues such as these, then you're probably due for an upgrade.

With so many models available, you may be wondering which laptop can provide the most value at your price range. Given that it's a huge purchase, it's easy to feel overwhelmed whenever you're collecting options. To narrow your choices down, we'll be the first to tell you to consider a refurbished Macbook as it is one of the best investments you can make.

Up to this day, Apple technology remains a dominant force in the tech market. Thanks to the company's ability to adapt and stay creative, they're able to produce state-of-the-art products that simply make life a lot easier.

Signs You Need to Upgrade

Before we convince you to add a Mac to your shopping cart, let's take a look at some signs that you need a new laptop.

1. Running out of storage

If your computer isn't as fast as it used to be, it may be running out of storage. Cramped hard drives usually cause most performance issues, and clearing out your storage should do the trick. However, if you've already managed your files but your device's speed still fails to improve, then you should take it as a sign to upgrade.

2. Outdated operating system

Outdated operating systems can be detrimental to your device. Apart from sparking performance issues, it can also put you at greater risk of a cyberattack. If your job requires you to handle sensitive information, such as credit card details or social security numbers, you may want to get an updated laptop for maximum security.

3. Hardware can't keep up with your function

Similar to how car parts have a set mileage, your laptop's components also have a definite lifespan. If your device easily overheats, produces loud tweaking noises, or has faulty parts, these hardware issues may prevent you from maximizing your device.

Having it serviced can solve your dilemma, but repair costs can be just as expensive as getting another laptop. If this is the case for you, opting for a new device is the best course of action.

4. Low battery life

Laptop batteries are highly sensitive. Along with your storage disk, it's another component that depreciates through time. Replacing your unit's battery is possible, but you may encounter availability problems if your device is five or more years old. If you're lucky enough to find a battery replacement, you may be overwhelmed with the price tag that comes with it.

5. Facing software issues frequently

From slow boot-up times to malware infections, software issues can come in different forms. If you regularly experience freezes, program crashes, and general unresponsiveness, you may require hardware repair or reformatting to fix your dilemma. But if your laptop's performance still doesn't improve after these measures, then you are due for a replacement.

Mac vs. PC

As you canvass for choices and read blogs on the latest tech, you've probably come across the age-old Mac vs. PC debate. This argument has been going on for years, and it seems that neither side can clearly declare themselves as the victor. Since both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses, the ideal unit will ultimately depend on an individual's needs.

While this article isn't going to discuss the debate in detail, it's good to know how both systems stack up against each other

1. Storage

MacBook Pro models come in a range of storage capacities, from as low 128GB to as high as 4TB. Paired with an excellent processor and adequate memory, users can manage large files for a seamless experience. In case storage runs dry, users can upgrade their unit or transfer some files to their iCloud.

Since Windows computers are produced by several manufacturers, storage can vary from product to product. However, all Windows computers must have at least 4GB worth of RAM and 10GB worth of storage to run essential tasks, such as web browsing.

2. Operating system

One of Apple's biggest strengths is that they're in charge of both hardware and software development for their devices. Their product catalog may not be as extensive as Windows, but this makes it easier for them to provide regular updates for free. Nowadays, the company just notifies its users whenever a new OS update is available, and all it takes is a 5-minute restart to boot it up.

In the case of Windows, software updates don't come around as often. While users may not need to update their computers monthly, they do need to buy the new operating system whenever it comes around. In terms of use, both operating systems serve different functionalities, so the better one will depend on your requirements.

3. Hardware

Apple is a company that's in full control of the supply chain. Because of their strict sourcing methods, they're able to partner with reliable material providers and produce laptops with quality components. Down the line, this results in high performing products with great longevity.

On the other hand, PCs take on a different approach since different companies manufacture them. Compared to Macs that are built the same, the quality and build of Windows laptops ultimately depend on the company's sourcing methods and preferred components.

4. Performance

Performance can be a tricky topic since both operating systems have clear strengths. PCs can run more programs and are the perfect choice for gamers, but Mac's minimalist interface makes it the ideal option for general use. The main deal-breaker when it comes to performance would have to be the price point.

Unlike Macs that rarely need upgrades, PCs will require expensive hardware components to equal a Mac's performance. While ease of upgrading may be a strong point of PCs, it's not always the practical option if you're looking to save up.

5. Machine problems

Regardless of what platform you use, it's inevitable that you'll encounter hardware issues with your device. When it comes to replacing parts, Macs have an advantage since they're in charge of producing their components. While PCs can be fixed with the right materials, repairs may get complicated since there is no centralized supplier for parts.

Upgrade to a Refurbished MacBook

Taking these points into consideration, there's no denying that Macs are a superior brand of laptops. However, many people are still unable to own one because Apple devices are downright expensive. The good news is frugal shoppers can experience Apple technology by purchasing a refurbished MacBook. If you're going to make an upgrade soon, here are six reasons why you should go refurbished.

1. Great quality

Due to the stigma that surrounds refurbished gadgets, some consumers think that refurbished MacBooks are either second-hand or defective. These grave misconceptions are based on hearsay and prevent you from enjoying the practical benefits of refurbished tech. If you choose to purchase one, you'll instantly notice that your laptop is of equal quality to a brand new unit.

2. Get your money's worth

The most obvious benefit of a refurbished MacBook is that it's a lot cheaper. Compared to Apple store prices that can drain your savings, online dealers such as Macs4U give you the most value since they provide free customization services with your unit. By giving you the same capabilities at a lower price, getting one should be a no-brainer.

3. Slow depreciation

Macs are made of high-quality components, making them the laptops built for the long haul. When properly taken care of, they can last for more than five years and still be sold for a reasonable price. The moment you decide to make your next upgrade, its high resale value will give you more flexibility.

4. Warranty

To protect you from a bad purchase, credible refurbished Mac dealers provide extended warranty periods with your device. In case you start to encounter issues, you can easily have your device repaired or replaced.

5. Environment-friendly

The world produces over 50 million tons of electronic waste each year. With climate change threatening stability, you'll need to find ways to minimize your impact on the environment. Opting for a refurbished Mac is an eco-friendly choice since you're conserving raw materials and parts.

6. Graded by performance

All refurbished gadgets go through a series of tests before they are sold. To ensure that customers will be satisfied with their purchase, all devices are graded and customized for optimal performance.

Buy a Refurbished Mac Today!

Given the benefits above, it's clear that a refurbished Mac can be one of your best investments. By giving you the same performance at a lower price, you can experience the wonders of Apple technology without breaking the bank.

If you're looking for refurbished Apple computers for sale, visit Macs4U for the best prices online. Contact us today to learn more!