10 Useful Hacks for Your MacBook Pro (That You Probably Didn’t Know)

10 Useful Hacks for Your MacBook Pro (That You Probably Didn’t Know)

3rd Oct 2022

The MacBook Pro is such a powerful device, so much so that it’s considered Apple’s top-of-the-line laptop. It’s packed with unique features and programs that make it easy to complete mundane and complex tasks. Because of its excellent performance, the MacBook Pro offers a smooth and straightforward user experience.

Aside from its popular functions, the MacBook Pro has hidden features that can make your life easier. From accessing emojis on your keyboard to signing documents with your e-signature, there are more things you can do with your MacBook Pro you may not be aware of.

MacBook Pro Hacks You Should Know

Here are MacBook Pro hacks that you might find helpful for your daily to-dos.

1. Use the Spotlight as a calculator

The Spotlight app is more than just an accessible gateway to your other favorite programs. You can also use it to make quick computations. Hit Command + Spacebar to launch Spotlight and type your equation. Press Esc or click anywhere when done.

2. Bring out the emoji keyboard

If emojis are essential to your everyday messaging, you can use them even when you’re on your MacBook Pro. Simply position your cursor in the text field and hit Command + Ctrl + Spacebar to bring up the emoji keyboard. Feel free to choose from hundreds of emojis to bring life to your messages!

Remember, the emoji keyboard is only accessible for messages and emails. Emojis will appear as triangles if you type them in other text fields.

3. Change folder icons

You can customize the blue folder icons on your desktop using photos from your files or the web. Just follow these steps:

a. Copy the photo to your Clipboard.

b. Select the folder whose icon you want to replace.

c. Choose File > Get Info in the menu bar.

d. Click the small icon at the top of the info window and click Edit > Paste.

If you want to use an icon from another folder, copy and paste it into your preferred folder using the same steps above.

4. Quickly access a dictionary

You won’t waste time looking up unfamiliar words via the Spotlight app. Hover your cursor on your chosen term and tap the touchpad using three fingers. Your MacBook Pro will instantly show you the word’s definition and synonyms from the thesaurus.

5. Sign documents with your e-signature

If you regularly fill out and sign documents, you can ditch third-party e-signature apps and stick to the Preview app on your MacBook Pro instead.

a. Click the PDF file and the Spacebar to open it on the Preview app.

b. Click the Show Markup Toolbar button at the top of the window and click the Sign button.

c. Create your e-signature using your trackpad, camera, iPhone, or iPad.

You can also use your MacBook Pro’s VoiceOver feature to add a description of your e-signature or create and distinguish between multiple e-signatures.

6. Adjust volume and brightness in smaller increments

You can precisely control your MacBook Pro’s volume and brightness. Hold down Shift + Option and tap the Volume or Brightness Up or Down keys to affix your preferred settings.

7. Take quick screenshots

Apple offers various screenshot options on the Mac (MacBook Pro and Air). For instance, press Command + Shift + 4 to capture a specific area of your screen. Press Command + Shift + 4, release, hit the Spacebar, and select the window of your choice to capture a particular window. You can also press Command + Shift + 3 to capture your entire desktop.

On your MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, press Command + Shift + 6 to take a screenshot of the horizontal display. You can also open System Preferences > Keyboard, click Customize Control Strip, and drag the Screenshot button down to the Touch Bar. You can choose from various screenshot options and save locations on the Touch Bar.

8. Batch rename files and folders

File or folder organization can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, you can rename files and folders in bulk on your MacBook Pro. Select and right-click on the files or folders you want to rename and click Rename N Items. When the pop-up menu appears, you can replace or add text in the file names or change the file name format. Click Rename when ready.

9. Type special letters and symbols

Like the emoji keyboard, you can access letters with accents and special symbols on your MacBook Pro. Hold the main letter key down to display the accent menu and select your preferred character to add an accent or diacritical mark to the letter.

To use a special symbol, press Control + Command + Space to open the Character Viewer menu and double-click on your preferred character.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to use special letters and symbols. For instance, press Option + A to use å and Option + Shift + J to use Ô. You can also press Option + Shift + Minus keys to create an em dash and Option + Shift + 8 to use a degree symbol.

10. Invert colors

If you have vision problems like color blindness, you can invert colors on your MacBook Pro to avoid eye strain and improve your user experience. Simply press Control + Option + Command + 8 to switch your screen colors.

Alternatively, go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Invert Colors to change your display preferences.

Maximize Your MacBook Pro Today

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