Certified Pre-owned Macs

All Certified Pre-Owned Macintosh computers have been thoroughly tested, cleaned and certified through a 36-point program by our trained technicians. Before we ship your computer, we test the unit one more time to make sure, that it will be in 100% working order. Your Mac comes ready to go, complete with the Mac OS X operating system and all security updates installed.

Cosmetic appearance

Some pre-owned equipment may have some small marks or blemishes from normal use. We have developed categories for the physical condition so you know exactly what you are getting. Remember that blemishes are strictly cosmetic and do not interfere with the performance in any way; we only sell computers that are 100% functional.
If the cosmetic condition is not described, the computers are in "A-Grade condition or better".

For Macbook's, Macbook Pro's & Macbook Airs:

For iMacs:

For Mac Pro's

For iPhones, iPads, iPods:

Customizing your Mac

We believe that our customer should get exactly the machine they want, regardless if it is a new or pre-owned machine. You can easily customize your Mac via our online configuration tool or simply call us at 800-496-7920 and one of our knowledgable sales staff can provide you with extensive customization options via phone.

How do we certify and test our systems?

Apple computers are known for their top quality industrial design, reliable operations and long operating life, all while retaining a high resale value.

Part of our certification process is to fully test, clean all components of the computer. We disassemble each computer for proper clean-up and test all key components for proper function.

We use commercial diagnostic hardware and software and run lengthy tests.
All existing hard drives are tested and securely erased (to Department of Defense standards) and new software installed. If you choose a larger drive in your computer, we will install new drives.
All installed software will be up-to-date with the latest security patches so that you can start using the machine the moment it is unbowed.

Where do our pre-owned Macs come from?

We specialize in buying large quantities of Macintosh computers from US Corporations, Design Schools and Universities. We also receive trade-ins from businesses whom we sell new Apple computers to. Our volume purchases allow us to negotiate better prices which we can pass on to you.


Build like no other computer, Mac's are famous for their very long lifespan. We offer a one year exlusive warranty on our products (computers, iPads and iPhones) with an option for an extended two year warranty, provided by Macs4u; this includes online diagnostics and free two-way shipping in case of repair.
Extended warranties can be added within 90 days of purchase. Peace of mind for pennies a day.

Did you know?

Most homeowner or household insurance policies offer the option to add computers as a scheduled personal property (SPP). This provides great coverage (covering loss, damage or theft) for your computer for as little as $1 to $2 per $100 per year with no or low deductible! Check with your insurance agent for specifics.